Join Me November 17th 6:30pm Central

Meditation Tuesdays

I’ll be doing a guided meditation and breathing techniques you can do to destress.

So come ready, get comfortable, lights some candles and lets meditate together.

I may bring my Tibetan Singing bowl. 💜

I’ll be doing more live sessions.

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Chat with you soon. 💜

Decemebr 3rd at 6pm

Mindset Series:


This is a Free event, I’m hosting, to talk with you about fear and ways you can stop it from controling your life. Fear can cause us to stop living life to the fullest. Pandemic aside, it is still possible to live a thriving life. We go over fear, how to create a positive mindset and how you can live your best life.

Join on this Zoom meeting. Dec. 3rd at 6pm Central Time.

Register at:

Chat with you soon. 💜