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How to Use Your Personality to Choose the Best Career

By June 9, 2021Blog

There are many ways in which personality types are classified, and one interesting classification is that of colors. The color classifications include yellow, blue, green and red types. It is very important to know what color type you are so that you will make the best choice in career. 


If you are a yellow, you are that kind of a person that puts others before you and you care about the feelings of other people first. You are a person who is very caring, understanding and patient. You are a home maker, and you are great with kids. Therefore, the best careers include nursing, community resource and teaching. Do not go into technical careers such as engineering or aggressive ones like sales and marketing, because you will waste your personality. 


If you are a green type, you love working with figures and actuality, and not with fiction. You do not make rush decisions and you love analyzing a situation before making a final decision or conclusion. You also do not give up easily, and you can push for something until it succeeds. When you get results, you do not stop at it; you confirm and reconfirm and you take no chances. You love gathering information that will give you enough confidence and surety in the decisions you make. If this is you, consider being an accountant or an engineer. Also, computer programming and other factual sciences will do for you. 


You love fun, you love life and you cannot withstand a life that does not seem to have any motion in it. This puts you into the blue group. You have nothing to do with the facts that the greens use, and you love adventure. You love making new friends and you love going for trips. You do more than multitasking, and you can hardly concentrate on one thing to the end. Creativity is your second name. The best career choices for you are those that involve people and not machines – sales, network marketing, public speaking and media (radio and entertainment). 


If your main motivation is money and you love getting solutions, you are a red. If you are this kind of a person, then you are much focused and you rarely lose control. You love handling one thing at a time with perfection. You cannot be contained in an activity that does not bring in big money. You fly with eagles, not with chicken. You can be the best CEO ever, and you should go for it. Also, you can make a good pilot, doctor, lawyer and judge.

Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash