Stress Management Programs

Our programs offers proven solutions, and strategies to manage your stress. These programs will help you lead a more balanced life.

Corporate Coaching

We offer consultations services to employers, to create a Stress Management program, that fosters a stress less work environment. We also offer Improve Employee Performance programs, as well. We work with your staff to develop a plan of action, to help improve their performance. Contact us today about our programs or speaking engagements.

Life Coaching

We work with individuals to understand their life goals and  career goals


Getaway from the world and focus on you. You’ll have a chance to work with caring leaders to detoxify emotionally, spiritually and physically, and to experience compassion, forgiveness, and peace. We offer women’s retreat, group retreats, corporate retreats, couples retreats, and team building retreats.

For inquiries or to book a retreat, email:

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Minful Peace Academy- Coming Soon!! Jan. 01, 2021

The Mindful Peace Academy is on online learning platform, with courses are on various topics such as stress management, goal setting, career outlook, improving productivity, team building, and more. Employers will be able to purchase access for their employees and it will also be available for indivduals as well through monthly membership.