Mindful Peace Self Care Institute LLC

A Stress Management Company

 Mindful Peace SCI LLC is company known for teaching ambitious professionals, leaders and parents how to tap into  their inner power and transform daily stress into life-changing actions that produce  the fulfillment, peace and success they crave.

My programs offers proven solutions and strategies to manage your stress, daily life and how to reach  goals.

I create tailor made programs to discover the root cause of your stress,  and work with you to create an action plan to manage your stress and to reach your life goals.

These programs will help you lead a more balanced life. Incorporating a holistic approach, including breathing exercises and mediation.

For inquiries or to book a consult Bookings https://mindfulpeacescillc.com/servicesbooking/




My mission at Mindful Peace SCI LLC is bring the awareness of stress in the workplace. I work with employers to create stress management programs for their employees and leadership. Contact me today to schedule a consult.



Mindful Peace Academy

 Mindful Peace Academy is an  e-learning platform, with courses are on various topics such as stress management, goal setting, career outlook, improving productivity, team building, and more.


Reinventing Yourself Group

Do you have a goal(s) you want to reach?

Then this group is for you. I created this Facebook group to provide you with an accountability partner(s), support, and to uplift our community.

Whether your goal is to buy a house, start a new hobby,  transition to a vegan lifestyle, this group will be your support to reach those goals.

We discuss goal planning, how to handle setbacks and most importantly how to be in the right mindset to achieve your goals.

I will have industry leaders and community leaders to provide insight on the various goals the group has. We have  live chats so you can get the information you need to be successful with obtaining your goal(s).