Mindful Peace Self Care Institute LLC

A Stress Management & Life Coaching Company

 Mindful Peace SCI LLC is company known for teaching ambitious professionals, leaders and parents how to tap into  their inner power and transform daily stress into life-changing actions that produce  the fulfillment, peace and success they crave. And I’m thrilled to show you how to  do the same.

 Owner Lisa Holloway works one on one with her clients to analyze their stress triggers, provide coaching, and offers root cause analysis. Discovering the root cause of their issue(s) and creating a tailor made program to address their goals and ambitions.

Our programs offers proven solutions and strategies to manage your stress, daily life and how to reach career goals. These programs will help you lead a more balanced life. Incorporating a holistic approach, including breathing exercises and mediation.


Getaway from the world and focus on you. You’ll have a chance to work with caring leaders to detoxify emotionally, spiritually and physically, and to experience compassion, forgiveness, and peace. I offer women’s retreat, group retreats, corporate retreats, couples retreats, and team building retreats.

For inquiries or to book a retreat, Bookings https://mindful-peacescillc.square.site/

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Mindful Peace Academy

 Mindful Peace Academy is an  e-learning platform, with courses are on various topics such as stress management, goal setting, career outlook, improving productivity, team building, and more.

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