Stress Management

Stress Management offers way to help you find strategies to manage your stress. We offer programs that can help you lead a more balanced life.

Corporate Coaching

We offer programs for employers to help them facilitate a stress less work environment. Contact us today about our programs or speaking engagements.

Relaxation Retreats

We offer relaxtion retreats for the business professional, groups, women, and employers. Need help help planning a relaxtion retreat, contact us today to help.


Getaway from the world and focus on you. You’ll have a chance to work on personal issues with caring leaders, to detoxify emotionally, spiritually and physically, and to experience compassion, forgiveness, and peace.

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Group Retreat

This retreat is for groups. Gropus will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere full of adventure. The retreat includes group activities, discussions, meditation, and more. Retreat can be tailor made to your group specifications.

For inquiries, or plan a retreat

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